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5 most popular diamond cuts in 2024 for your solitaire ring

diamond cuts for your solitaire ring

Diamonds Solitaire rings are more than just a girl’s best friend. They are the epitome of eternal love and commitment. Love that lasts a lifetime must persevere through trials and tribulations and remain steadfast no matter what. Likewise, Lab Grown diamonds too are born from pressure and grace.

Buying a lab grown diamond solitaire ring is thus, a journey of discovery; exploring the different cuts, and selecting the perfect setting and styles requires careful consideration, helping us build a connection with our piece. This meaningful piece of jewellery tells a story that is our own and reflects our journey with love, whether it be with one’s own self or with a partner.

We have curated a list of the top 5 diamond cuts for solitaire rings that are stealing our hearts in 2024 to help you choose your special piece.

Round Brilliant Cut solitaire ring

The round brilliant cut exudes class and timelessness while sticking to tradition. It is designed to catch and reflect light from every angle, making it impossible to take your eyes off of it. Its simple elegance stands out in the most mundane of settings, making it a classic cut for a solitaire ring.

No wonder it has remained a crowd favourite all these years, continuing its relevance even in 2024.

Emerald Cut solitaire ring

The emerald cut diamonds struck a chord amongst the masses in 2023 and is here to stay in 2024 as well. It is defined by its “step-cut” facets that create a geometric “hall of mirrors” effect. Owing to its more antique cut and classic white colour, the emerald cut lab diamond grown ring perfectly encapsulates the essence of modern and classic styles together, thus evoking an elegance like no other.

Oval or Pear-shaped solitaire ring

Elongated curved shapes like the oval or pear-shaped diamonds are fancy cut diamonds that have been all the rage these past few years. Due to its special style, this particular cut makes a diamond look larger and more flattering on the wearer’s finger, making it a much sought-after style, particularly for engagement rings.

After all, when it comes to diamonds, the bigger the better!

Cushion Cut solitaire ring

A cushion cut lab grown diamond solitaire ring sits perfectly between a round and a square/rectangle diamond. It

features soft edges and rounded corners, giving it a plump, pillow-like shape. It sits perfectly atop a solitaire ring, giving off a romantic, vintage look to the wearer’s finger. They also tend to be less expensive that a round cut diamond, which in our books, is a win!

Thus, the cushion cut been a go to diamond cut for solitaire rings in 2024 for those who want to stand out in a crowd, and rightfully so.

Princess Cut solitaire ring

Combining the brilliance of a round cut with the straight edges of a square cut, the princess cut diamond solitaire ring is for the woman who is modern and independent yet a true romantic at heart.

One of the most popular amongst the fancy shapes, the princess cut diamond on a solitaire ring stands out for its structural contrast against a woman’s dainty fingers, making it a true statement piece for any occasion.

Owning diamond jewellery is seen as an expression of elegance and sophistication. However, due to its high cost, it becomes a distant dream for many. It requires significant savings and thus begins a long wait until acquisition. But why wait when you can explore a cheaper and  ethical alternative?

Explore Lab-grown diamonds by brands like Emori, Fiona and Avira.

These Top Lab Grown diamonds brands offer the same stunning brilliance and durability as mined diamonds but are  more environmentally friendly and cost-effective, allowing you to enjoy luxury without burning a hole in your pocket.

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