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Lab Grown Diamond Couple Ring

Diamonds are made to win people’s hearts. Our lab grown diamond couple ring exclusive is also exquisite and has the properties to define your personality. Emori’s Lab Grown diamonds are no different as they tend to ooze you at the very first glance, providing you with an experience like absolutely none. With a well versed four major categories and 26 subcategories, at Emori you have a design made for every occasion. For the lovebirds too!

Diamond Couple’s Rings are often drawn to the idea of carrying luxurious diamonds that can transcend their compatibility, love and endless affection. Keeping the same need in mind, Emori’s lab gown diamonds brings you a similar palette of taste too. Transcribed under the category of ‘couple rings’, the wide range of rings here are well crafted with the idea of a couple’s need. Speaking in a nutshell, from extreme simplicity to sheer extravaganza, you ask it and have it all covered by Emori. Made with the highest purity of gold, these rings are embellished with finest lab grown diamonds that promises to ooze your love in no time.


Are the couple rings can be customized with our initials?

Yes, with Emori’s fine expertise of customization, every design can customized according to our customer needs. 


Are these couple rings are anniversary appropriate?

Absolutely. With a whole lost rings well placed in our category, you get a wide variety of designs according to every occasion, whether it’s your lover’s birthday or your wedding anniversary.

Do you accept exchange policy?

Yes, we do except exchanges on every Emori piece. If your ordered size creates issue, do not hesitate to place it for an exchange for the required size. If any other issue emerges, Emori also holds a lifetime exchange policy.

what is the longevity of lab grown diamonds?

Well, there is no much difference in natural Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamonds. With a similar physical, chemical and optical characteristic, they promises to lasts as long as natural diamond’s longevity. With our 100% certified products, Emori diamonds promises to stay with you forever.

Does Emori have any other couple exclusive designs?

Well, as of now, we are enthralled to launch the Couple Rings as our first category of it’s kind. But however, we are planning to make further launches under other categories like pendants and bracelets.