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Experience the Lab Grown Diamond Mangalsutra of timeless tradition with Emori.

A mangalsutra is a traditional jewelry piece that symbolizes an eternal relationship with our soulmate. While dedicating each other to the holy 7 vows of Indian tradition, the groom ties mangalsutra around the neck of the bride. Therefore, we celebrate the symbol of love and commitment towards your better half with Emori’s Lab-Grown Diamond Mangalsutras.

For a bride, Mangalsutras are not just an ornament, they serve as a feeling of security and loyalty from their partner for a lifetime. This piece of jewelry is preserved as a reminder of togetherness.

A gesture of deep affection, worn by the bride every day should possess authenticity and purity. We at Emori dedicatedly crafting each piece of certified lab-grown diamond mangalsutra with special invigilance that offers comfortable elegance to every married look.

Emori has a dedicated exclusive series of designs in Lab-Grown Diamond Mangalsutras.

Perfect Combination of lab-grown diamond mangalsutra in Traditional Charm and Modern Designs

While analyzing traditional old books written by privileged writers, Mangalsutras are stated as “an auspicious thread.” They are typically worn by married women from the 6th Century CE. A devotional thought behind this ritual is protecting husbands from evil eyes and expanding the number of years in their lives.

This ritual is still followed in Indian weddings as a token of marriage. In ancient times, the design of mangalsutras was long-chained complimented with a huge charm in the bottom.

Modernly, the design has developed according to the exclusive era. Women started preferring designs that can embrace their daily look with comfort. Small chained designs with a hint of diamond or golden charm are much preferred by married women.

We at Emori, honor our impressive collection of modern designs of Lab Grown Diamond Mangalsutra. Complimenting each personality with perfectly aimed crafting is our commitment to every valuable customer.

Reeha Diamond Mangalsutra and Infinity Diamond Mangalsutra are awarded as bestsellers from the range. They are the two most loved designs in the evolving landscape of modernized crafting. Other than bestsellers, there are more considerable designs to enhance traditional martial glance with modern designs at Emori.

If you are looking for a royal charm in mangalsutras you can review Twisted V Diamond Mangalsutra from the collection. Similarly, if you want to coordinate a subtle look, “Reet Diamond Mangalsutra” and “Pihu Diamond Mangalsutra” are the best picks.

Emori handpicks every gorgeous design to embrace a glamorous look for our customers. Give us a chance to cherish your special moments with the impressive artistry of Lab-Grown Diamond Mangalsutras.


What styles are available for lab-grown diamond Mangalsutras for everyday outfits?

Our utmost styles of lab-grown diamond mangalsutra are suitable for Western and ethnic outfits that may compliment your everyday look. Our diamond mangalsutra are uniquely designed with 100% certified lab-grown diamonds in classy, subtle designs. You may carry our series of mangalsutra as sole jewelry for an elegant look. “Reeha Diamond Mangalsutra” and “Infinity Diamond Mangalsutra” are the two most trendy designs for your everyday outfits. 


Can a lab-grown diamond Mangalsutra be worn with other jewelry?

Of course! You may coordinate our lab-grown diamond mangalsutra with any other jewelry also. It was totally your choice to style your look with recent trends and any other complementing accessories in accordance with the mangalsutra designs. 

We would like to add a tip for our elegant customers that please consider a look that won’t hide your mangalsutra under any other jewelry.