Environmental Benefits of using lab Grown Diamonds

Diamond’ is a well suited world that describes class, financial power and one’s enriched caliber. Being one of the most sought-after asset among the urban elites, Diamonds always stay in demand among people, whether one can just dream it or really seek for it, they never lay back. But apart from being the most sought after piece of jewel, they are also extremely rare that makes it one of the most expensive solid carbon element found on this earth, one that can be roped off at a magnanimous price range standing between Rs. 25000 to Lakhs and crores, depending on the quality and size. This whopping price range makes it an impossible task for people belonging to the elite outskirts making it their dream. 

But with transient time, changes can be seen, bringing the tray with a myriad of options for the people. As if one can beat technology of the 21st century? Just like any other things in the world, natural diamonds have also found it’s alternative making people reluctant with a more easy accessibility. I am talking about Lab Grown Diamonds. With similar physical, chemical and optical characteristics, this form of diamonds are created in labs through scientific methods adapting a rigorous technique applied on carbon elements. Since they are accessed through no mines, lab Grown diamonds are less costlier and easily found. In fact, today we can witness numerous such chains all around the globe bringing similar lab grown diamonds for people. Just as similar as natural diamonds, they can be found in various shape, size, color and clarity grades. Moreover, their price range differs from 70-80% as compared to the diamonds dug through the cruel mines. Therefore, this man-made diamond comes with  it’s own benefits serving most part of it to the mother nature. 

Speaking practically, there are many benefits of lab grown diamonds! Often called as the most eco-friendly way of acquiring authentic diamonds, this enthralling man-made product consumes very less energy. While these are made through beating off minute diamond seeds through extreme hot chambers using only a modest amount of electricity, Mined Diamonds on the other hand uses a magnanimous amount of electricity, man power and hydrocarbons resulting in greenhouse gas emissions. 

They also creates no pollution! Yes,  you heard it correctly! Created with carbon elements inside safe laboratories, they creates absolutely negligent amount of waste catering to no air and water pollution. In fact, they do not disrupt the mother nature. 

They are sustainable. With a booming demand of diamonds among the increasing population and consumerist attitudes, the natural diamonds are facing a threat. Whereas, lab grown diamonds gave a breakthrough to the imposing threat by bringing an alternate way that takes lesser time and power to be made. Limited within the power of man, they can be created in large quantities and under easy production access. 

Lab Grown Diamonds do not disrupt the natural habitat. To dig diamonds from insides of the mother earth, gigantic mines are created in the diamond radar zones by clearing acres of forestry that destroys the smooth cycle of dependency shared between flora and fauna bringing a dis-balance in the entire ecosystem. Whereas, man-made diamonds need just a mere laboratory with limited technology posing no threat to the nature. 

Lab Grown diamonds do not pose any threat to the workers. The people who tend to work under the diamond mines are the one’s who are most prone to uncanny death. Posing a threat to many lives, they indeed has negative impacts on the society. 

While, there can be many other reasons that makes Lab Grown Diamonds more effective than natural diamonds, the above discussed benefits are the major factors that makes it a stand alone element of the urban world. But as diamond seekers, we must look into the benefits it can bring keeping in mind the future. A future that holds the power of sustainability and a peaceful life. And if by any chance, if you find Lab Grown Diamonds are the future diamonds of tomorrow, then why not to say ‘YES’ to the man-made diamonds from today!

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